New bedding collection

New bedding collection




A beautiful bed frame is not complete until you find the perfect bedding for your bedroom. Meet Rora, our new bedding collection line that brings technical luxury to the modern home.

Rora - inspired by princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty - embodies the beauty timelessness, and sustainability of pure mulberry silk and organic bamboo fiber. These natural materials are handcrafted to form a product of the highest quality and most attention to detail for a clean and modern bedding collection.

Mulberry silk and bamboo naturally regulate temperature and wick moisture as you sleep, while the charmeuse and sateen weaves ensure the irresistible softness of these materials are not compromised. As a result, less friction is created against hair and the skin to maintain and enhance your good health.

Our Mulberry Silk Duvet combines the best of both these worlds, filled with long strand real mulberry silk and encased in our premium organic bamboo. The evenly distributed filling effortlessly conforms to the body as the final layer of restful relief.

Wake with Rora, and experience the revitalizing effects of premium Mulberry Silk and Organic Bamboo in our collection of sheet sets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and duvet that combine the purity of natural materials with beauty and health benefits for restorative sleep.


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